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Aneochoic chamber


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Talks & Events


Punchdrunk Theatre, The Drowned Man: a Hollywood fable, Temple Studios 2014.


ART 14, Kensignton Olympia 2014.


Jeremy Deller, English Magic, Willliam Morris Gallery 2014. 


Screening of William Kurelek’s The Maze, Maudsley Hospital 2014. 


Lindsay Seers, Master Class, The Zablodowicz Collection 2014. 


The Photographers' Gallery, David Lynch: The Factory Photographs 2014


Griselda Pollock, Can the artists teach the mind doctors, Freud House 2014.


Wim Vandekeybus, Booty Looting, Southbank Centre 2013


A Long Table on live Art and Feminism, The White Building 2013.


Heather Philipson, Invites…, Zablodowicz Collection 2013.

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