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My Grandma's Magic Recipes: 

Winter Warmth


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What time of year whispers cool in your ear? Makes you cosy at night; can be cold, can be bright?


At Grandma’s Christmas party, there is the smell of sugar and spice, calypso music and dancing, and lots of friends and family . . . but no Grandma! Where could she be? Perhaps she'll be in her sweet-smelling kitchen, waiting for Zee to help her turn dough into yummy ginger biscuits!

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My Grandma's Magic Recipes: 

Spring Bloom


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What time of year tells you summer is near? When do flowers burst bold, from the dark empty cold?

Grandma knows that the longer days of spring are on their way, but Zee’s not so sure. Luckily Grandma’s there to show him how to pay attention to the the flowers, the rain showers and the sunbeams that tell them that spring has sprung. Join them as they celebrate a plant-powered spring in this heart-warming story and recipe book.

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Plant to Plate


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Grow mighty ingredients, then transform them into delicious, plant-powered feasts.

Grab your shovel and plant for a recipe! Discover 15 incredible plants, including courgettes, raspberries, and basil, then find out what it takes to make them grow. From showing you how seeds should be planted to helping you find the best soil for your plants, Darryl Gadzekpo and Ella Phillips offer all the tips you need to transform seeds into mighty fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

But the fun doesn't end here! Remove those muddy boots, head to the kitchen, and learn how to prepare and cook your home-grown ingredients. With more than 25 tasty recipe ideas from basil pesto pasta to squash muffins, you'll master a variety of plant-powered food that you'll love to cook and eat.

A visual feast for 7-9 year olds, From Plant to Plate is the perfect book to inspire kids to get growing, get cooking, and get plant-powered eating.

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