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Artist Statement



In conversation with [ARTWORK], consider your relationship to

[LOCATION]. As the virtual and actual collide, how will your understanding of [INFLUENCE/ HABIT/ AGENCY] be re-framed?[1]


The [VIDEO/ EVENT/ AUDIO/ TEXT] invites you to orientate yourself through gaps in narrative, multi-screen installations and unreliable facts[2]. Often adopting the voice of the [INSTITUTION], mini audio-visual essays deconstruct the implications of context and trace unusual spatial narratives[3]. What systems of logic do [YOU] use to map out your reality? And if these were multiplied, multiplied, multiplied, multiplied, multiplied, multiplied, multiplied,

amplified and


                       stabilized could the absurdity reveal new perspectives?


[COLLABORATION] allows [ARTWORK] to shift typical systems of ownership and choice making [4]. Interactive [SCULPTURES/EVENTS] reiterate these new relational possibilities. [CONSIDER] the macro implications of the viewing experience that exist beyond the site. Could the artwork become an unrehearsed performance of the subject: [INFLUENCE/ HABIT/ AGENCY]?

With a background in gallery education, Ella Phillips Graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Wimbledon College in 2015. Regularly working in collaboration, she is interested in challenging what ideas of ownership might mean. Through video installation, text and site responsive interventions, she explores how design affects our behaviours in both physical and digital spaces; from a font to the width of a hallway, how are you being informed by your environment? Often suggesting absurd conclusions, Phillips plays with the relationship between agency, propaganda, instruction and art.


Choose how information is displayed: text, audio or visual.

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